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Door Locks

Smart door locks can operate as standalone door locks, or through software it can be applied to various settings such as airport, hospital, banking, hotel, commercial building, school campus, residential, and so on. An advanced one card system can be established for higher level of security and convenience with the addition of wall readers that can be used with any public doors as well as for elevators and parking lot access. The addition of E-Home to residential application can further create a flawless, unique experience. 

The smart door locks provided by  Waferlock are of highest security with the heavy duty mortise locks being ANSI grade 1 and UL fire rated.


  • Electronic Door Lock

  • Electronic Cylinder

  • Access Control Wall Reader

    • Integrate with Parking, Elevator, Public Door, etc

  • Door Lock Software Solutions

    • Solutions for Hotels, Offices, Airports, Hospitals, etc​

  • E-Home System ​

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